Add:1658# Jinshajiang Rd., Kunshan, Jiangsu, China 





Business 1 Tel+86-512-57704998

Business 2 Tel:+86-512-57729081

Technical Support Tel:+86-512-57715918

Procurement 1 Tel:+86-512-57729087


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Risheng◆Add:1658# Jinshajiang Rd., Kunshan, Jiangsu, China





◆Business 1 Tel:+86- 512-57704998

◆Business 2 Tel:+86- 512-57729081 


◆Technical Support Tel:+86-512-57715918

◆Procurement 1 Tel:+86-512-57729087

◆HR  Tel:+86-512-57703926



Reaching our routes:


Pudong Airport - Kunshan: Shanghai District direction, up on Central Road tunnel direction. G2.G42 (Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway) towards the direction of Suzhou. Lu Jia exit, the zone direction, Qianjin Road, turn left into the Jinsha River Road, turn left that company!

Hongqiao Airport - Kunshan: out of the airport to Songze elevated (G15 Shen Hai) to Nantong direction to G2.G42 (Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed) Suzhou direction lujia exit, the zone direction, forward road turn left, the Jinsha River Road being left to our company!

Kunshan city at high speed: Go Kunshan direction, Qianjin Road, turn right, turn right into the Jinsha River Road!

Passenger station, high-speed rail station, take bus 16 Road, 106 Road, the old train station are next to the Jinsha River Road, south along the Jinsha River Road over the way forward is to our company!