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Risheng metaphorical significant progress every day, every achievement. Day Sheng Enterprise spiritual connotation, it is in relentlessly, constantly exploring accumulated.


Turn in human history, we can see that at all times, people have a special worship of the sun and persistent yearning of the heart of love, which is to bright and beautiful vision for the future. Today, this persistent pursuit and the spirit of self-improvement has become our nation, to make up a traditional virtue. In fact, the history of human civilization is in this spirit that inspired and driven forward. Bearing is the most important in the history of human civilization, one of the greatest inventions. In ancient times, our ancestors learned to manufacture the wheel, the invention of the carriage, and then invented the bearings. Since then, cars, trains, airplanes, satellites and other human inventions are inseparable from a large number of bearings, in a sense it can be said, bearing age to participate in and promote the development of the process. Human history step by step rotation of the bearing accelerated progress every day.


Although it is an ancient bearings invention, but until now, it is still the most important foundation of modern industrial one piece. Social mechanized large-scale production is in bearing high speed traction was able to make the world better than a brilliant modern industrialized society, but also because of the distance between the world known for the high-speed car is no longer distant. Today, the Japanese Sheng, who design and manufacture of products for quality and service inquiry, just as the pursuit of a better brighter future, so warm, so persistent, never interpersonal career.


In the fierce market competition, there is an eternal law, is "the wise king," Wisdom is the business is always the key to success. With learning, there is progress, there is inheritance, could be developed. Then, the "progress every day, every day achievement" has become, Sheng enterprise spirit.


Risheng, are increasingly becoming our times, self-improvement, innovation, and the spirit of never-ending pursuit.