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Rolling bearing damage

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When the rolling bearing is disassembled and inspected, the bearing failure and the cause of damage can be judged according to the damage of the bearing.


1. Raceway surface Metal peeling bearing rolling elements and inner and outer ring raceways are subjected to periodic pulsating loads, resulting in cyclically varying contact stresses. When the number of stress cycles reaches a certain value, fatigue peeling occurs on the rolling element or the inner and outer ring raceways. If the bearing load is too large, this fatigue will be exacerbated. In addition, the bearing is not installed correctly, the shaft is bent, and the raceway is peeled off. Fatigue spalling of the bearing races reduces the accuracy of the shaft and causes vibration and noise in the mechanism.


2. The bearing burned and burned has a tempering color on the raceway and rolling element. The causes of burns are generally insufficient lubrication, the quality of the lubricant does not meet the requirements or deterioration, and the bearing assembly is too tight.


3. Uneven pits appear on the contact surface between the raceway and the roller of the plastic deformation bearing, indicating that the bearing is plastically deformed. The reason for this is that under a large static load or impact load, the local stress of the working surface exceeds the yield limit of the material, which generally occurs on bearings rotating at low speed.


4. Bearing ring crack The bearing ring is cracked because the bearing is too tight, the outer ring or inner ring of the bearing is loose, the bearing part of the bearing is deformed, and the surface of the bearing is poorly processed.


5. The cage is broken due to insufficient lubrication, broken rolling elements, and skewed races.


6. The reason why the metal of the cage adheres to the rolling elements is that the rolling elements are caught in the cage or insufficiently lubricated.


7. Serious wear of the raceway may be due to foreign matter falling into the race, insufficient lubricant or improper lubricant grade. The main factors affecting rolling bearings are: load, lubrication, assembly, environmental conditions and material or manufacturing accuracy.