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Donations to help hometown fight the epidemic

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On January 10, shaanxi Chamber of Commerce of Kunshan successfully held the charity Federation of Kunshan.
Kunshan shaanxi province chamber of commerce & the vice chairman of Jiangsu risheng bearing co., LTD.,Mr. Li Xiangming, executive vice President of LuHao, on duty President xu-liang zhang, vice President of party club, zhao Wang Yahong, director of NieYanJian, Chen She fang, Tang Xing, Dong Xiwei, member gallego, wang shan, kunshan city in Shanxi Province chamber of commerce legal adviser secretariat secretary sun and others to attend the activity.
Kunshan Charity Association secretary General Qian Ying attended the event.
Li Xiangming, chairman of Risheng Bearing, said: Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Shaanxi, every piece of news related to the epidemic has always touched the heartstrings of people all over the country, especially the children of Sanqin who work and live in other places like us. And donated RMB 10,000 yuan on behalf of Jiangsu Risheng Bearing Co., LTD. I hope xi 'an, Xianyang and Yan 'an will soon come out of the shadow of the epidemic and resume normal life as soon as possible.
Chairman Li Xiangming and secretary General Qian Ying jointly issued donation certificates to caring entrepreneurs