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Risheng Group Recruitment Information

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Kunshan Risheng Bearing Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture located in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China. It is 40 kilometers away from Shanghai, specializing in the production of automotive bearings, and 70% of its products are exported to European and American markets. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification of British Moody Company. In order to adapt to the development of the company, the following professionals are recruited to the bearing industry:


R&D engineer


Requirements: Mechanical major, college degree or above; able to independently develop new products, complete product planning, familiar with AUTOCAD drawing, have certain foundation for bearing product design, process flow and tooling fixture design improvement, bearing industry more than 5 years working experience .


2. Quality Management Manager


Requirements: Mechanical major, college degree or above, skilled in the testing of automotive bearings, related measuring tools, instrument adjustment, familiar with the inspection and quality control of the various processes of bearing manufacturing, working experience in the bearing industry for more than 5 years.


3. Machine tool repairman, electrical maintenance worker


Requirements: More than 5 years experience in bearing factory maintenance work, knowing the grinding machine, CNC machine tools and automatic connection are preferred.


4. Automatic grinder operation mechanic


Requirements: can be used to operate automatic bearing grinding machines (internal and external groove grinding machines, internal diameter grinding machines)


If you are interested in applying, please fax or mail a copy of your resume, contact address and telephone number, ID card, diploma and other valid documents.


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